About SwannOne

SwannOne is a security-centric, smart home solution. It is a complete solution allowing you to control every element of your home or business security from just one app, via your smartphone.

Using the SwannOne app, you can access home devices from anywhere with convenient features such as home and away modes, scheduling rules for lighting heating and locks, as well as professional monitoring services and more. Convenience, easy remote access and other practical features are all part of the compelling SwannOne smart home experience.

With over 27 years in the DIY home security space, Swann is well positioned to produce a leading smart home security-centric solution. Swann is committed to ongoing research and development in the smart home space to ensure that our hardware and software are cutting edge.


The smart home or interconnecting numerous devices around the home together is growing in popularity and Swann is at the forefront of the latest technology. We have designed a complete and affordable security-centric smart home solution driven from one app. Our system uses the latest wireless technology, including Wi-Fi and ZigBee to ensure that it is easy to use and interconnectable.



SwannOne offers a range of starter kits that can be expanded to suit your needs. Kits range from basic alarm solutions to more comprehensive alarm, video monitoring, energy management and appliance control solutions. With accessories sold separately, the solution is fully customizable, so it can be scaled up or down to suit your needs as they change. SwannOne also offers an extensive range of flexible services including centralized professional monitoring, cloud video storage, sound alerts and more, all connected to the Smart Hub and driven by a customizable software, that put's you in controle.


Whether you are living on your own, renting, a large or small family, a small businesses, own a vacation property, an energy saver or just want peace of mind - SwannOne has a solution for you. One solution, endless applications