You can create your very own Smart Home, customized to suit your needs. From video monitoring, alarms, access control, lighting, heating, energy management, intelligent sound alerts to automating appliances and much more. All from ONE simple app on your Smartphone or tablet.

Simple. Convenient. Smart

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Receive Alerts on your Smartphone
If anything occurs outside your normal routine – ie motion, a broken window, doors or windows opened unexpectedly, you will be notified via your Smartphone immediately.

Wi-Fi Video Monitoring
Wirelessly stream live video and detect specific sounds to monitor and protect your home or check in on family or pets. Perfect for home, business, baby monitoring, pets and more.

* This feature applies to the SwannOne Motion and window/door sensors

Be notified is motion is detected
If a door or window is opened or motion is detected unexpectedly, an alert can be immediately sent to your Smartphone*

* This feature applies to the SwannOne Motion and window/door sensors

Activate a siren to deter intruders
A very loud alarm and flashing LED light can be triggered by motion detected from sensors or cameras to warn of any would-be intruders attempting to break into your home

* You must have a SwannOne indoor or outdoor siren

Remotely control appliances & apply rules
Check to see that appliances have been turned off your home from where ever you are. So, no worrying if you have left the iron on. You can also schedule rules – Have the iron automatically turn of it is not used in 5 minutes or have the washing machine come on whilst you are at work, so that it’s ready to hang on the line as you drive into the garage

* This feature applies to the SwannOne Smart plug

Receive intelligent sound alerts
You can arrange to receive alerts if specific sounds (such as glass door & window breakage, smoke, carbon monoxide & car alarms, baby crying & gun shots are detected.

View multiple properties
You can monitor more than one property from your SwannOne app. So that means you can check in your home, business or even your beach house from anywhere all from the one app

Control heating & cooling from anywhere
Activate the thermostat to automate your heating and cooling to suit your needs – All from your Smartphone

* This feature applies to the SwannOne Zen Thermostat

Lock & unlock your doors remotely
You can arrange for your plumber to have temporary access to your home to fix your leaking tap whilst you are at work

* You must have a kwickset lock in conjuntion with a SwannOne Smart Hub to enjoy this feature

Turn your lights to come on & off whilst you are not home
You can schedule your lights to come on and off to make it look like you are home to deter intruders. You can also group lights & apply specific commands, mood lighting or dimming functions

* You must have a Phillips Hue lighting in conjuntion with a SwannOne Smart Hub to enjoy this feature

Have your home professionally monitored
Arrange for Professional Monitoring to check in on your home and even call emergency services if required when you are bot able to do so.

* Flexible service plans apply

Monitor your energy usage
Measure the energy consumption for any plug-in devices eg: TV, washing machine, dishwasher, heater and manage usage accordingly to save on energy which can also save you money on your next power bill.

* This feature applies to the SwannOne Smart plug